It is possible to book a table or a separate room for larger groups in our restaurant.
When making a reservation an advanced payment is requested. This deposit will be used as a down payment for your evening’s purchases of food and beverages.

We cordially invite you to deposit* the following:

Table for 1- 4 persons. 160 PLN Table for 1- 4 persons.120 PLN
5-6 240 PLN 5-6180 PLN
7-8 320 PLN 7-8240 PLN
9-10 400 PLN 9-10 320 PLN
11-12 480 PLN 11-12 400 PLN
13-15 600 PLN 16-19 500 PLN
16-19 760 PLN 16-19 600 PLN
20-24 960 PLN 20-24 700 PLN
Separate room for 20 – 30 people 1200 PLN Separate room for 20 – 30 people 900 PLN
*Deposit for matches of the Polish National Team and sports finals may be higher

For larger groups the deposit is negotiated individually. Payments can be either in cash, CC or by bank transfer.

We can adapt the menu to the most sophisticated palates and prepare individual menus.

See also our offer: group menus.

Booking of more than 5 persons incurs an extra service charge of 10%. At Polish EURO matches, there is an additional 10 % service fee for groups of 4 or more people

Our restaurant is spacious and sufficiently large to enable you to come without prior reservation and take a seat in the most convenient place of the pub.